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Our Summer Camp includes daily field trips for our school age children and 2-3 field trips per week for our preschool age children. We also offer clubs that meet once a week to ensure that your children continue to learn new things and challenge themselves through out the summer. Breakfast & snacks are provided!

Clubs: Seawell’s Clubs will meet at least once a week (sometimes more often). Our clubs this year will include Cooking club, Gardening club, Busy Bee’s Sewing, Sports club,  Reading Club through the Greensboro Public Library Reading Program, and Seawell’s Kids Who Care Community service club.

Please read the following for important Summer Reminders!

Our rates are based on receiving payment on MONDAY. There will be an additional $10.00 LATE FEE if payment is late.


“Drive Offs”- We will not provide future service if daycare fee is not paid each week.


BREAKFAST AND SNACKS are provided each day. EVERYONE HAS TO PACK A LUNCH EVERYDAY! PLEASE send your child with an insulated lunchbox with ice pack to keep in their locker because refrigerator space is limited. PLEASE DO NOT send items that have to be microwaved. 


PLEASE HAVE CHILDREN AT DAYCARE ON TIME to get ready and counted before our field trip. The time that is on the calendar each day is the time your child MUST be here. Meeting us at trip or chasing the bus down is not allowed.


PLEASE LABEL EVERYTHING your child wears or brings to daycare especially on swimming day! (shoes, underwear, towels, clothes, toys, etc.)


ON SWIMMING DAY PLEASE COME DRESSED FOR THE POOL WITH SUNSCREEN ALREADY ON! We leave early and the time does not allow us to do this. A labeled bag, towel, and flip-flops are needed.


Please hang your calendar on your fridge for daily reference. Please pay attention to the sign in the driveway. Any field trip changes and all extra information will be on that sign as well as on our Instagram page seawellsdaycare


SPENDING MONEY is an option. We suggest a chore list at home to earn any money they spend. . An attachable coin holder, fanny pack wrist pouch is a must. Loose pocketbooks get left behind.


Please fill out the online waiver for Sky Zone Trampoline Park Greensboro location so your child can participate. The waiver is good for one full year running from January-December.

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